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  S E N S A T E X


Robert G. Kalik- Chief Executive Officer:
Mr. Kalik formerly held the positions of Chief Operating Officer of Cangen Biotechnologies, Inc. and Managing Director of Cosmos Bio Life Sciences Alliance.

Michele Darnell- Senior VP Sales/Marketing/Business Development:
Ms. Darnell has previously held positions as the VP of global sales and president of US operations for Hybridfour and previously served as VP of sales for New Era of Networks.

Kevin Tonat, Dr. PH, MPH, CAPT, USPHS (Ret.)-VP Military/Responder/Industry:
Mr. Tonat previously held positions in the US Department of Health and Human Services. Responsible for the development of the First Responder and Metropolitan Medical Response Systems for over 100 cities in the US.

Vikram Sharma, MS, MBA, VP of Textile Technology: Previously, Vice President of Malden Ventures.

Board of Directors

Thomas Walsh
David Palmer
Howard Lee

Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Mark Schoenberg (Chairman)
Dr. Paul Belsky
Dr. Frank Young