Sensatex’s initial Smart Textile application is the Smart Shirt. Sensatex is focused on developing its Smart Textile platform in a manner that will allow utilization of the technology in multiple applications useful for the healthcare, life sciences, and government industry. Its goal is not only to develop multiple means for collecting information from the body, but developing the systems to permit the capture, monitoring and interpretation of the information.

The Smart Shirt System incorporates the Wearable Motherboard Smart Shirt, a novel electro-optical garment funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and an advanced communications and data management infrastructure. Together, this integrated solution provides an extremely versatile network for sensing, monitoring, and information processing that can enable a wide range of products.

First Responder

The Smart Shirt Systems goal is to significantly minimize casualties for first responders by providing knowledge of their health status to on-scene commanders in a number of emergency situations. Sensatex has developed a First Responder SmartShirt incorporating:

  • A suite of sensors for continuous biometric monitoring
  • An electronic controller and optional bi-directional wireless telemetry system to ensure their safety
  • An electronic controller and optional bi-directional wireless telemetry system to communicate all First Responder team information including biometric data to off-site personnel for a better coordination of the rescue operation.

Health Monitoring

The healthcare system throughout the world is actively seeking new technologies to limit patient days in hospital, visits to the emergency room and to monitor homebound patients. The Health Monitoring System is designed to be adapted to various health related applications to meet these needs. The initial System consists of three lead EKG, heart rate monitor, and respiration monitor. Other sensor features can be added. The information flows from sensors to either a personal controller or via other electronic means to interface for transmission to a monitoring station, physician or other appropriate location.

Athletic SmartShirt

The SmartShirt can be used for competitive athletes hoping to maximize their training and performance. The Athletic SmartShirt System allows the comfortable measuring and/or monitoring of individual biometric data, such as heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature, caloric burn, and provides readouts via a wristwatch, PDA/smart phone, or voice. Biometric information is wirelessly transmitted to a personal computer and ultimately, the Internet.