Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

By offering a system that successfully integrates fitness assessment and health management, Sensatex will guide consumers in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

There are currently 55 million Americans trying to lose weight, and about 50 million frequent participants in athletic activity. By using the System to measure biometric data, many of these individuals can directly gauge the physical effects of exercises (e.g. jogging, aerobics, cycling, skiing) and everyday activities (e.g., walking, mowing the lawn), information that can be integrated in a comprehensive program to help manage a person's healthy lifestyle.

From maintaining a healthy diet and fitness regimen to regulating nutrition and stress levels, a vast number of people are interested in regularly monitoring lifestyle habits. With critical real-time and historical data, individuals can subsequently modify their behavior to work towards overall health and well-being.


Individual Athletes/Team Sports

The SmartShirt System is also valuable for athletes in individual and team sports. Currently, there are 96,000 teams and 3.4 million athletes in the United States who could benefit from practicing and competing with the SmartShirt System.

Trainers can use the handheld device to continuously monitor athletes' vital signs to enhance their performance and ensure their physical safety. Coaches will have access to real-time player data for providing instantaneous feedback and historical data for tracking progress. Microphones and speakers on the Shirt will permit two-way voice communication between player and coach. Additionally, coaches can ensure the physical safety of athletes with the ability to methodically avoid overworking players.


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