Protecting Public Safety Officers

Sensatex is developing a SmartShirt System specifically for the protection of public safety personnel, namely firefighters, police officers, and rescue teams. Used in conjunction with a wireless-enabled radio system, the SmartShirt can monitor the health and safety of public safety personnel/victims trapped in a building or underneath rubble with the ability to detect the exact location of victims through positioning capability. In addition to monitoring vital signs, the System will be able to detect the extent of falls, detect the presence of hazardous gases, offer two-way voice communication, and detect the location of gunshot wounds and for police officers or national guard.


Battlefield Combat Care Solution

The SmartShirt was originally funded by DARPA for the purpose of detecting bullet penetration, transmitting soldiers' vital signs to a remote medical triage unit, and ultimately saving lives on the battlefield. Sensatex expects to complete the design of an enhanced Smart Shirt System that could be used in military applications. This System will be able to fully withstand battlefield conditions and interface with the military's existing radio systems to create full Information Node Capability and Physical Condition Monitoring for the individual soldier.


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