Beyond the large markets described above, Sensatex will explore the System's versatility and pursue its long-term development into a host of other applications. For combat casualty care, the Sensatex System can serve as a monitoring system for soldiers capable of alerting the medical triage unit when a soldier is wounded, along with information showing the extent of the injury and the soldier's vital signs and location. The Sensatex System could also be used to monitor athletes and aid in the tracking and enhancement of performance. Beyond measuring fitness, coaches could utilize such monitoring to optimize the strategic placement of team players.

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Vital signs monitoring will also help professions engaged in mission critical or hazardous activities, such as firemen, pilots, miners, or nuclear engineers. Sensors that detect the presence of hazardous gases or oxygen levels could enhance occupational safety. In its evolution towards a truly customizable wearable information infrastructure with plugged in "chips", the Smart Shirt™ could transcend biomedical monitoring altogether to steer the field of wearable computing. The Smart Shirt™ has the potential to integrate, in a wearable fashion, all the components requisite to a full computer suite, eliminating the cumbersome wiring and excess bulk encountered in current wearable computer prototypes.