Sensatex is developing the first full device platform offering advanced wireless capabilities for medical monitoring instruments. The dual Sensatex platform will enable alliance partners to easily and cost-effectively establish wireless capability for any of their medical monitoring devices. By transmitting data using the most intelligent configuration of wireless systems, network protocols, and communications hardware, the Sensatex System increases patient and caregiver mobility and reduces healthcare costs while maintaining quality of care in a highly reliable and secure environment.

The Smart Shirt™ utilizes a proprietary "plug and play" feature, permitting the garment to be customized with different sensor suites to meet a wide variety of end-user requirements. As a result, the Sensatex System enjoys applicability across a wide range of disease indications that affect individuals from the complete population spectrum, ranging from infancy to adulthood, and on to the geriatric stage of life. The first generation Sensatex System can process information from a sensor suite that includes ECG, heart rate, respiration, temperature, and voice readings.

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