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Underwear That Keeps Your Doctor Aware, Popular Mechanics, September 2000   Read Article

Wearing the Motherboard: Sensatex Develops Shirt for Wireless Healthcare, Pervasive Weekly, October 2, 2000   Read Article

Upstream: Smart Home Care  New diagnostic devices could save an ER visit. By David Voss  TechReview, September 2001   Read Article

Look Smart by Wearing This Shirt  by Elisa Batista, Wired Magazine, October 2000   Read Article : Silicon Insights: Wear Your Electronics Read Article

DARPA Research Helps Advance Medical Diagnostics Read Article

Hi Tech T-Shirts Could Help Save Your Life,  NY1 News, April 2001
Read Article and see the video by clicking on the icon "Dial Up/RoadRunner"

Wolf in High-Tech Clothing,  DALLAS-FORT WORTH TECHBIZ September  2000   Read Article


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