Can your shirt train you? Tell you where you are? Alert you to environmental hazards?  Monitor your heart and respiration?  . . .  Ours can.

Sensatex's SmartShirt Provides a Platform for Persistant Biometric and Environmental Monitoring

Sensing Textiles.  Wearable. Wireless.

The SmartShirt System incorporates advances in textile engineering, wearable computing, and wireless data transfer to permit the convenient collection, transmission, and analysis of a wide range of biometric and environmental data.  Described as “the shirt that thinks,” the SmartShirt allows the comfortable measuring and/or monitoring of individual biometric data, such as heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature, caloric burn, body fat, and UV exposure. 

The flexible data buses that carry the information are integrated into the Shirt, providing the look and feel of a normal T-shirt. The modular design of the SmartShirt System allow for the easy integration of additional sensors and features. 

Innovative. Revolutionary. 

The data collected by the SmartShirt is routed to a sub-pager-size SmartShirt Controller (SSC), where the information is processed, stored, and transmitted. The SSC is placed in a small pocket on the Shirt. It is a device containihng biometric measurement circuits, a digital signal processor, and a Bluetooth wireless interface that permits the secure and private transmission of packaged sensor data to the user’s display device. 

Laundering tests have proven to cause no damage to the Smart Shirt's information processing capabilities, demonstrating the extreme durability of the Wearable Motherboard™ technology as well as its true "wearability" as a garment.


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